Based in bustling Manhattan, Shami Media is at the center of a wellspring of creative ideas. Our goal is to work with new talents, aspiring artists, and creative visionaries to create all manner of film across all genres. Shami Media places a professional camera crew and film editors at your fingertips, giving you access to the resources that you need to turn your idea, trailer, or screenplay into a short film, feature-length movie, or TV program. We streamline the process so you don’t have to worry about finding PAs or stress out about location scouting. Focus on your creative vision, and Shami Media will take care of the rest. Shami Media is always open to new proposals and ideas. Contact us and start on your filmmaking journey.


    Our Vision

    Shami Media has found a way to improve entertainment as we know it. By focusing on nonfiction, DIY, current events, and similar topics, Shami Media stays relevant, current, and beneficial to all our customers. Our mission is to give you control over what you watch, from entertainment to education. Furthermore, we give people a platform on which to speak out.


    Our Mission

    Shami Media Inc.’s mission is to be the number one website for upcoming filmmakers. As an independent media company, we are committed to bringing the best feature films, short movies, TV shows, and reality shows available to our site and promoting the talent involved with the creative process of filmmaking. Our company combines technology with imagination to produce socially aware content, international issues, self-defense how-to videos, children’s projects, mixed martial arts, luxury cars and motorcycles, wild spring breaks, and much more! We are committed to tapping into the wealth of creativity that makes new filmmakers successful. It is our goal to deliver the type of content that is fresh, exciting, and informative. Upcoming filmmakers can reach out to us in any stage of the filmmaking process by submitting their ideas for trailers, screenplays, and full-feature films to us. We consider each and every film that is suggested to us. We pride ourselves in being open-minded and resourceful. We’re forever updating our online content so we can provide our members with the type of movies and videos that they enjoy. We also work directly with our advertisers to create long-lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial.